Django Issues

There are some known problems with the Django admin interface. I´m going to list them here in order to avoid confusion (because the problems are not related to Grappelli whatsoever).


Harcoded Stuff

With “Hardcoded Stuff”, I´m referring to HTML-Code within Views (instead of using Templates). There´s a lot of this within the admin interface and therefore it´s just not possible to style some elements. For other elements, we need to use ugly hacks or strange CSS.


Some Javascripts are about 5 years old. Others are pretty new. Some are jQuery, some not. Still a bit messy and hard to customize.

see Javascripts.

Reordering Edit-Inlines

First, the can_order attribute is not available with the admin interface. Second, in case of errors, formsets are not returned in the right order. Therefore, reordering inlines is currently only possible with some hacks.


Translating App Names

It´s not possible to (easily) translate the names of apps within the admin interface which leads to a strange language mix (esp. on the index page).

see and

The Admin Index Site

Currently, the admin index site reflects the structure of your applications/models. We don´t think editors (who use the admin site) are interested in the structure of your project/applications. What they want is the most reasonable list of models, divided into different sections (not necessarily apps).


The App Index

Again, which customer/editor is interested in your apps? Noone.


As an alternative to Related Lookups it should also be possible to implement Autocompletes. Grappelli includes Autocompletes, but it should be possible without hacking the admin-interface.

raw_id_fields and list_editables

Due to a django-bug, the lookup for raw_id_fields is not correct if used with list_editables. Therefore, Related Lookups and Autocomplete Lookups are currently not working on the changelist. This bug has been resolved with Django 1.2 ... unfortunately, with Django 1.3 it reoccurs.


Searching Generic Relations

It´s not possible to use a “content_object” within search_fields.

Save Object and return to Changelist

When you edit an object and save it, you are redirected to an unfiltered changelist. That’s pretty annoying when you’ve filtered the changelist before editing the object.

Admin Documentation

The document structure of the admin_doc templates is a bit messy (about every second template has a different structure). Therefore, it´s hard to style these pages. Trying to do our best to give it a decent look though.

Moreover, all admin-views lead to an error.

Translation of the Admin Documentation is half-baked.

HTML/CSS Framework

For the admin interface to be customizable, flexible and extensible, we need a coherent HTML/CSS scheme.

We do think that Grappelli is a first step.