2.12.4 (not yet released)

2.12.3 (May 3rd 2019)

  • Improved: use get_username with object history.
  • Improved: trigger change event in dismissChangeRelatedObjectPopup.
  • Improved: honor cl.show_full_result_count with pagination.
  • Fixed: using a div.grp-related-widget to wrap all possible widgets.

2.12.2 (January 16th 2019)

  • New: edit and delete links with related objects.
  • New: Templates in order to allow integration with django-import-export.
  • Improved: Use admin site_header as title (if given and not default).
  • Improved: compass/sass setup.
  • Fixed: view permissions.
  • Fixed: last inline form with non-editable inlines.

2.12.1 (November 1st 2018)

  • First release of Grappelli which is compatible with Django 2.1.