Dashboard Setup

With the Django admin interface, the admin index page reflects the structure of your applications/models. With grappelli.dashboard you are able to change that structure and rearrange (or group) apps and models.


grappelli.dashboard is a simplified version of Django Admin Tools: Bookmarks, Menus and the custom App Index are not available with Grappelli.

Open settings.py and add grappelli.dashboard to your INSTALLED_APPS (before grappelli, but after django.contrib.contenttypes). Check if the request context processor is being used:


        'OPTIONS': {
            'context_processors': [

Custom dashboard

To customize the index dashboard, you first need to add a custom dashboard, located within your project directory. Depending on the location of manage.py, you might need to add the project directory to the management command (see last example below):

$ python manage.py customdashboard  # creates dashboard.py
$ python manage.py customdashboard somefile.py  # creates somefile.py
$ python manage.py customdashboard projdir/somefile.py  # creates somefile.py in projdir

The created file contains the class CustomIndexDashboard that corresponds to the admin index page dashboard. Now you need to add your custom dashboard. Open your settings.py file and define GRAPPELLI_INDEX_DASHBOARD:

GRAPPELLI_INDEX_DASHBOARD = 'yourproject.dashboard.CustomIndexDashboard'
GRAPPELLI_INDEX_DASHBOARD = {  # alternative method
    'yourproject.admin.admin_site': 'yourproject.my_dashboard.CustomIndexDashboard',

If you’re using a custom admin site (not django.contrib.admin.site), you need to define the dashboard with the alternative method.

Custom dashboards for multiple sites

If you have several admin sites, you need to create a custom dashboard for each site:

from django.conf.urls.defaults import *
from django.contrib import admin
from yourproject.admin import admin_site


urlpatterns = patterns('',
    (r'^admin/', include(admin.site.urls)),
    (r'^myadmin/', include(admin_site.urls)),

To configure your dashboards, you could do:

$ python manage.py customdashboard dashboard.py
$ python manage.py customdashboard my_dashboard.py

Open your settings.py file and define GRAPPELLI_INDEX_DASHBOARD:

    'django.contrib.admin.site': 'yourproject.dashboard.CustomIndexDashboard',
    'yourproject.admin.admin_site': 'yourproject.my_dashboard.CustomIndexDashboard',