Some questions, some answers.

Why should I use Grappelli?

If you are pleased with how the original admin interface looks, you probably shouldn’t. Grappelli is mainly about a consistent, grid-based style.

I need help!

see Troubleshooting.

Which Browser do I need with Grappelli?

We are testing with Firefox, Chrome and Safari. IE and Opera should work fine as well.

Can I use another editor than TinyMCE?

Of course (better use markdown anyway).

Why don’t you use Twitter Bootstrap?

For now, custom Compass-based stylesheets gives us much more options. But we do understand the need to easily customize the admin interface and we’re discussing this issue on a regular basis.

Do you guys cooperate with the Django–Devs?

Occasionally, we have been discussing features and implementations in the past.

How can I contribute?

Help is very much appreciated.

What is your goal with Grappelli?

Our goal is that Grappelli will be redundant eventually (though we doubt that will happen).

Who develops Grappelli?

Grappelli is developed and maintained by Patrick Kranzlmüller & Axel Swoboda of vonautomatisch.